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  /  Pagelab   /  Covid-19: An update from Pagelab
Nurse wearing respirator mask holding in hand test tube with patient blood for 2019-nCoV biochemical analysis. Chinese Wuhan virus outbreak. Coronavirus blood test concept

With Covid-19 sweeping the globe, it seems a good time to issue a brief update on how we are dealing with the crisis at Pagelab, as well as provide some useful links to information on the subject for anyone working in the risk management and insurance sectors, or those working from home in self-isolation.

Firstly, from our point of view at Pagelab, it’s business as usual. Being a remote-working team most of the time anyway, we are able to continue providing the same design, production, subediting, web development and ad ops services for B2B media and financial services companies, from our respective locations in Suffolk and London. However, we have taken the decision to cancel our usual face-to-face catchups for the time being, to remove any risk of spreading the virus among the team. This way, we can ensure continuity of service, even if one of the team is affected by Covid-19.

As it stands, we are all fit and healthy, and raring to go. We have checked our contingency planning for regular work in ad ops, production and subediting, and we have cover in place for all eventualities. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are any projects we can help with, or if you have capacity problems and need a remote resource to step in and take up the slack until your staff are back up and running.

The impact of Covid-19 on business will be substantial and will leave a lasting imprint on the global economy long after the virus has been overcome

While the priority for everyone is to make sure people stay healthy and to provide support and care for those that are not, the impact of Covid-19 on business will be substantial and will leave a lasting imprint on the global economy long after the virus has been overcome. At Pagelab, we have been working with one of our regular clients, Commercial Risk Online, to produce a Covid-19 Weekly Risk Bulletin that collates all the latest news on the virus and how it is set to impact the risk management and insurance sector, as well as the wider business community. You can view an online version of the latest newsletter here. Also worth a look is Commercial Risk Online’s dedicated Covid-19 page here.

Key concerns for businesses arising from the coronavirus outbreak currently include employee welfare, business travel, enhanced cyber risk from increased numbers of people remote working, business continuity and supply chain concerns, and of course whether any cover in place will provide a payout in the event of financial loss. To those of you battling such concerns, we offer our best wishes and support. If there is anything we can do, just drop us a line.

Equally, our best wishes go out to anyone currently in lockdown or providing support to elderly relatives at this worrying time. I am myself in lockdown with my family for 14 days as our youngest had some mild symptoms. He’s fighting fit again now thankfully but we must follow the government advice and make sure we don’t spread the virus to anyone else. So, my wife is running a home school, the football goal in the garden is being well used and the Xbox is getting a hammering. It’s a small price to pay to do our bit and help to keep a lid on this situation. Anyone looking for some tips on how to keep the kids busy and yourselves sane during this time may find these resources from BBC Bitesize and National Geographic useful.

Lastly, to anyone new to home working, there are some really useful tips in this crowdsourced document here. And to anyone setting up their teams to work from home, there are some excellent tips on LinkedIn here.

Stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you on the other side.


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